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NRA Basic Pistol

Get your NRA certifications from the exceptional instructors at CDI.

Civilian Combatives Program (CCP)

Our Personal Defense classes improve your ability to handle threatening encounters.
  • Critical Defense Institute

    CDI is a private, accredited, firearms training and personal defense school whose focus is on the education, training, and advancement of personal and organizational protection skills, knowledge and practices.CDI brings a multi-disciplinary approach to firearms training, gun safety, threat mitigation - including threat assessment, safety and logistical planning, hand-to hand capabilities, firearms, mental and stress assessment - brought together in a complete practical self-defense training system.CDI is a private, accredited training organization focused on Firearms Training and Personal Defense.
  • Defensive Pistol 100

    Can you effectively defend your home from an aggressive intruder? Do you know when it is legal to use deadly force in your own defense?Do you know what to do when you find an unknown person in your home?

    CDI can help you better understand your options when you are presented with situations that may require a firearm to defend. Whether the situation is threatening, confusing, or simply unknown - how you act can greatly impact your ability to defend yourself and your family.
    Can you effectively defend yourself from an aggressor using your firearm?
  • Women's Self Defense

    CDI understands that self defense for women requires different skills and mindsets to the same scenario for men. CDI has weekly ongoing womens self defense classes that focus on fitness and self defense. Think of it as a way to lose weight or stay in shape while learning how to defend yourself. This is NOT a cardio kick boxing course!

    This course is taught by Master Tibbo, a 5th degree, internationally credentialed and recognized Tae Kwon Do master. Rob has taught Military Special Forces and Law Enforcement and will teach you how to defend yourself.
    CDI has weekly ongoing womens self defense classes that focus on fitness and self-defense. Read More
  • Firearms Courses

    CDI instructors are certified to teach you all aspects of firearms training. From the absolute beginner to the military operator.

    Our instructors have the ability to elevate your understanding, safety, and ability to shoot - through all aspects of firearms capabilities. We excel at teaching you how to use the best fundamentals to get better, faster and more tactically proficient.
    CDI instructors are certified to teach you all aspects of firearms training.
  • Martial Arts

    CDI instructors are internationally credentialed martial arts instructors.

    Master Rob Tibbo is a 5th degree Taekwondo master with over 36 years of martial arts experience.
    Master Rich Iacomini is a 4th degree Taekwondo master with nearly 18 years experience. Both Masters have taught in numerous exceptional schools, and have owned and run their own Dojang.

    With extensive experience in fighting, Masters Tibbo and Iacomini bring practical protection experience to their teaching - resulting in an exceptional blend of traditional and modern defensive techniques.
    CDI instructors are internationally credentialed martial arts instructors.
  • Personal Defense

    Think your concealed carry weapon will be the solution to all your problems - think again. Most personal defense encounters never involve a firearm.Even if they do, can you defend yourself from a shooter? Can you protect your own weapon? Can you defend yourself when deadly force is not legally justified.CDI instructors are internationally credentialed combat arts instructors and some of the best force-on-force teachers in the states.Most personal defense encounters require hand to hand skills.
  • Law Enforcement & Military

    From local LEO, to state and federal Law Enforcement Personnel, to Military Deployment Personnel - CDI has the experience, equipment, staff, and skills to train your team.Our instructors have real-world experience training military and law enforcement personnel in active engagement, personal defense, clearing, weapon retention, threat mitigation, force-on-force scenarios.Our instructors have real-world experience training military and law enforcement personnel. Read More
  • Institutional Threat Management

    CDI can help you prepare your school, educational institution or corporate office for unexpected security risks.Our security experts can help you with threat identification and management, mitigation and active threat intervention. Focused on threat engagement, we teach you how to end the security situation as quickly as possibleCDI can help you prepare your institution for unexpected security risks.
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Welcome to CDI. We offer extensive courses in firearm safety, firearms training, NRA firearms courses, personal defense training, defensive techniques and simunitions. Please take a look at our highlighted courses in the course matrix above and a complete list of our classes in the Courses menu. 

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Upcoming Courses

Women's Self Defense
05-30-2016 6:00 pm
Civilian Combatives Program (CCP)
05-30-2016 7:30 pm
Martial Arts
05-31-2016 6:00 pm
Women's Self Defense
06-01-2016 6:00 pm
Civilian Combatives Program (CCP)
06-01-2016 7:30 pm
Martial Arts
06-02-2016 6:00 pm
CDI Basic Pistol Course - Saturday 06.4.16
06-04-2016 8:00 am